Working to Make a Place for Community Members with Developmental Disabilities

Welcome to Hearts & Homes

Hearts & Homes is dedicated to expanding the choices and enriching the lives of adults with developmental disabilities and their families by providing homes in which our residents can receive the essential services they need.  A supportive home environment helps these valuable members of our community lead full lives thereby achieving their greatest potentials.  

Our needs are great, as the housing, support and services available for adults with developmental disabilities are often limited.  With medical and educational advancements, more children with developmental disabilities become capable adults.  Though varying levels of support and care may be required, adults with developmental disabilities live their best lives as an integral part of an active, vibrant community.   Recognizing the importance of each individual's place and gifts, we all do our part to create community with and for each other.

Hearts & Homes partners with the Virginia Beach Department of Human Services' Developmental Services Unit for resident support services.  Our organization develops and maintains a variety of residences to meet the diverse needs of persons with developmental disabilities, thus broadening the choices and availability for housing in the Virginia Beach community.